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Who We Are


Is a Learning site that will help you to understand, feel familiar and master each of all the “Software Developer Network (DevNet) tools” out there. Whether you start from scratch (very zero knowledge), Intermediate or Expert , this Website is for any DevNet level. Is for you!

To understand DevNetLearing.com, you must first understand what DevNet really is.

DevNet stand for Development Network(ing). DevNet is a skill. DevNet is here to stay and engineers are still not ready for it. DevNet is definitely a skill you must learn today!.

Development Networking (DevNet) is a new skill for any “engineer” out there who Operates, Administrates, Manages, Provision Networks in a “programmatically centralized intelligence way” with cooler and more advanced network management tools than the old fashioned notepad, Copying and pasting network text standard, Configuring one device at a time, SNMP or CLI (per vendor CLI language) only.


To mention some DevNet example Tools you will learn in this Site:

DevNet in a Nutshell = To Apply ‘Software Developer Tool skills” for Networking Operation and Provisioning. Some others called NetDevOps or DevOps (Development and Operations). However you want to call it, using such Developer tools will make you become better.


If you are a Network Engineer with Software Developer Networking skills (DevNet), you will be much Valuable out there on the Network Engineer Employee MarketPlace. You might feel more smarter Automating Cool solutions. Your salary rate might increment and your CV/resume will be more attractive!.



If you are a Software Engineer, DevNet will enable you to create solutions that integrate with network management without needing in-depth knowledge of the underlying network topology and network protocols that are used in it.

Our Mission

To Create Strong Engineers using DevNet tooling. Providing Developer Programmability awareness and finally, helping any Engineer to get DevNet certified.

Our Goal

The goal of this Site is to create an unified simple central point of DevNet repo where you can come and learn any topic using hands-on labs and updated Topics Theory. All you need to master DevNet.

Our Vision

To always having a Strong DevNet Engineering and Networking Community by supporting Certified Master Expert around the globe.


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Hands-on is essential for DevNet Learning. Hands-on Labs we call them "Discoveries". Check all our Labs Discoveries per Category.


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CCIE Certified

whether is Enterprise, Data Center, Service Provider, etc, any CCIE Lab Exam holds strong dependecy of deep DevNet Knowledge. Understand what Development Tools you must master per CCIE speciality.